Insta Cut 2

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Incredible gloss will be obtained without the headaches of dust, slinging, sticking, or gummed up/blocked pads. The speed of Insta Cut No. 2 is truly impressive: it cuts quickly leaving a polished 3000 grit finish. Clean-up is fast because it rinses off easily with water or a clean towel, minimizing shop contamination. While Insta Cut No. 2 was created for single-stage urethane and clear coated vehicles, the gloss obtained on acrylic enamels and lacquers is outstanding.

- Removes 1200 grit sand scratches and similar sized paint defects.
- Brilliant 3000 polished finish.
- Removes heavy oxidation.
- Leaves no residue or oily films.
- Cuts smoothly and quickly.
- Does not etch painted surfaces.
- Achieves a high gloss shine with the least effort.
- Will not irritate eyes or throat.
- Competitively priced, economical to use and will reduce labor time required to achieve the industries finest finishes.

*Sold in 1 gallon bottles.